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How to Download

How to download a Pack: Step by Step

First Step: Click in one of the download boxes. Let’s say that you want to download the pack from Mediafire:

Second Step: You will be redirected to an URL shortener page. We will be using in this example, but the process is very similar using other shortlinks such as ADshort or CPMlink. Click on the continue button.

Thrid Step: You will see a timer and a «Your link is almost ready» button. Once the time reaches 0 a «Get link» button will appear. Click on it. If you click on links from CPMlink or Adshort instead of a timer you will get a Captcha, so you must solve it to get the download link.

Fourth Step: Once you click in the get link button you will be redirected to the file download site. This process is the same if you want to download from MEGA, Dropbox or other file hosting services.


Enjoy your packs!